Post-Construction Cleaning Services

We seek to maintain all of our clients with beautiful, perfectly clean,
smudge-free windows and interior

Wall and Window Cleaning Services

There is more to having clean windows than meets the eye. Those who work in Qatar retail offices or in commercial buildings understand the importance of having a business that maintains a professional appearance. This includes everything from the exterior upkeep of property to the interior cleaning of floors, walls, and windows. Hiring professional services is often the best course of action for those who wise to ensure that commercial properties are maintained in premium condition. A professional window cleaning company can ensure that your business has the clean, smudge proof windows needed to attract business.

Window Cleaning

We offer a complete and thorough window cleaning service, which includes the frame, the rail, the inside and outside of the window as well as the screen.

Wall Cleaning

We dust all the ceilings and wash all the walls. You should also note that the door frames, the window frames and baseboards are also included.

Gutter Cleaning

Beyond completely emptying your gutters, we also wash by hand the exterior surface of your gutters and of your soffits.

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